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"This room is always so cozy warm and smells so good. I just love coming here for my massages.”

JB, Belchertown, MA

"This is the best massage I have every had.”

BC, West Brookfield, MA

"I am so happy that I found you. I hope you don’t ever quit doing massage, I don’t know what I would do.”

BT, Granby, MA

"I have never been able to relax during a massage before. I feel very safe with you.”

DE, Amherst, MA

"I have tried physical therapy and chiropractic, but your massage has helped me the most of all.”

KP, Palmer, MA

"My neck always feel better when I leave here after having massage.”

JC, Belchertown, MA

"I feel so relaxed as soon as I get into this massage room.”

ML, Belchertown, MA

""I tell everyone about you. Your massages have helped me so much. I cannot believe how much range of motion I have since my stroke.”

GB, Granby, MA

"You are always so accommodating. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.”

CL, Belchertown, MA 

"I so look forward to my chair massages each month. They have helped me to think about taking better care of myself."

 LP, Ludlow, MA



"After my reflexology session, I was able to sleep all night, which I haven’t been able to do for a long time."

NK, Belchertown, MA

"I have digestive issues and the reflexology session helped so much.   Thank you!"

LG, Ware, MA

"I’m too uncomfortable for having a regular massage, but this reflexology session was very relaxing and such a treat."

JA, Belchertown, MA

"I have back injuries and my feet are sore often. The reflexology felt so good.  I can tell my body is out of shape."

GB, Belchertown, MA



"You were a good motivator during the Circle of Life process. I feel better about myself."

JW, Belchertown, MA

"The Circle of Life program helped me with goals and helped me gain peace."

MC, Granby, MA

"I realized how blessed I am and how much I can look forward to. You exhibited leadership and organization in our COL group."

SP, South Hadley, MA

"With COL, I learned mind, body and self care practices and how to tune into myself."

BW, Granby, MA

"The accountability to one another in the Circle of Life group was the most helpful. You kept us on course and were supportive."

AP, Chicopee, MA

"I liked your honest strength and the COL discussions helped to evaluate my life’s purpose."

MG, Monson, MA

"Donna was a good motivator and made me feel so at home and relaxed during the Circle of Life process."

JW, Belchertown, MA 



"I enjoyed the open communication, the flexibility to raise questions and concerns and being able to discuss our own personal experiences during infant massage class."

DB, Belmont, MA

"I enjoyed learning the different massage techniques as it is very relaxing for babies. They are so much happier."

SS, Newton, MA

"I liked the interaction with other moms doing the infant massage classes. The babies liked the massage and it helped them sleep better."

MM, Newton, MA

"I loved your hands on instructions, the time to practice while answering questions and engaging with me. I found my baby enjoys being massaged on her feet and tummy."

AS, Newton, MA

"I learned how to read my baby and understand him in many more ways. Your flexibility and creating a warm, inviting environment, made me feel comfortable in class."

KK, Newton, MA