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For most of us, today's challenge is to be able to live a peaceful, healthy, happy existence. Finding balance, while attempting to meet the stressful demands and struggles of daily life, seems impossible at times. Pressures and difficulties accumulate and self care becomes compromised which can lead to health, relationship, financial, work or other problems, sometimes to the point of serious crisis in one’s circle of life.

The Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach can choose to work with individuals, families, groups, businesses or specialized populations using a process to assist participants to create a path for moving forward to self empowerment, self discovery and living to one’s potential through self-care. Research has proven that people who take good care of themselves, create health, wealth, love and life satisfaction, even during the most tremendous life changing times and events.

Studies have revealed that 60-90 percent of all medical visits are for stress-related problems and could be eliminated if patients had the skills and strategies to heal and recover. The Circle of Life coaching process is an effective tool to improve and change negative patterns by encompassing all twelve aspects of one’s circle of life which includes exercise, nutrition, stress mastery, relationships, finances, work, play, health care, environment, life purpose, self esteem and spirituality.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, missing joy and peace, or stuck with one particular challenge or area of your life, the Circle of Life coaching process will support you in taking action to achieve lifelong positive results. 

Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food. ~ Hippocrates