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Infant massage dates back to the beginning of time, when in many parts of the world, stroking infants was a common practice. Cross cultural studies have shown that babies that were massaged, carried, held, rocked and breastfed tended to be less aggressive, violent, show more compassion and cooperation in adulthood. Ongoing research supports that touch, is one of the most critical elements in bonding between baby and parents.

Today in the U.S. lack of touch and good bonding is a problem and studies have shown that 35% of American babies are not securely attached to their caregiver. Massage offers a way for parents and babies to bond and communicate in a loving, nurturing way.

Babies nervous systems are delicate and there is a tremendous amount of sensory input they are receiving. The stress of the fast paced world we live in is often transferred into the baby’s world. Massage helps babies to handle, tolerate and increase their stimulation threshold and parents are able to more easily understand their baby’s non-verbal cues.

Premature infants or babies who are hospitalized are often stressed by the environment and from the procedures they undergo. Massage helps babies gain weight faster and they are often able to leave the hospital much sooner. Other benefits of infant massage are the relief of physical discomforts such as gas, colic, and constipation. Calming of a fussy baby and improved sleep patterns are also welcome results, as well as mind body awareness to assist with coordination.

The greatest benefit of infant massage is that it is the beginning of forming a positive relationship between the baby and the parent as they interact in special, quality one on one time reinforcing the messages of trust, love and acceptance, which is often carried on through life and to others.

Babies are such a nice way to start people. ~ Don Herold